New Solutions in Laboratory Supply and Logistics Management that Cut Costs, Improve Compliance, and Boost Revenue

This presentation delves into the best practices employed in kitting, supply ordering, and supply fulfillment to drive the expansion of a direct-to-consumer testing business. Presented as a compelling case study, it offers lab managers a detailed roadmap for navigating the strategic, operational, and service transformations necessary for implementing a successful direct-to-consumer testing supply workflow.

February 21, 2024 at 1:00pm EST


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Nate Rickard from Thorne will share invaluable insights into workflow design and implementation, covering essential aspects such as kitting, order processing, shipping, tracking, lab assay, and results reporting. A particular focus will be placed on the speaker's approach to interfacing with diverse IT systems, shedding light on website features designed to aid consumers in test selection and transaction processes. Key metrics measuring turnaround time, quality, and customer satisfaction will be disclosed, providing a nuanced understanding of performance improvements over time.  

Additionally, the presentation will explore future objectives, potential test expansions, and targeted service enhancements. The session will conclude with a thorough evaluation of the implemented supply ordering and fulfillment processes, highlighting both successes and areas identified for improvement. This comprehensive case study is poised to offer labs valuable insights as they seek to either establish or elevate their direct-to-consumer testing capabilities.  



What You'll Learn

  • How to support a rapidly growing outreach business with direct-to-consumer testing
  • Best practices for implementing a direct-to-consumer workflow, including interfacing with different EHS and LIS systems
  • Compliant management of kitting, supply ordering, and supply fulfillment for physician clients
  • Using software to digitize manual kitting practices and optimize reimbursement
Current trends related to denials and appeals

Expert Panel

Chris Hill

Principal Product Manager


Christopher Hill brings a depth of experience in both solutions engineering and full-stack development to his role as Principal Product Manager for 1health. Since joining the company three years ago, Christopher has used his unique blend of technical skill, visionary thinking, and a deep understanding of the healthcare sector’s needs to shape the company’s technological direction. His expertise lies not only in coding but also in identifying robust and scalable solutions that meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. Christopher’s approach to technology is not just about building software; it’s about creating ecosystems that empower healthcare providers and patients alike.

Nate Rickard

Chief Technology Officer

Thorne Healthtech

As Chief Technology Officer of Thorne, Nate plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s technological infrastructure and development, alongside streamlining the company’s technical operations. Nate has been a driving force in conceiving and executing a plethora of corporate and technical strategies. His efforts have been instrumental in optimizing the company's technical operations, fundamentally reshaping the role of technology in propelling business growth. Nate's academic journey includes a Bachelor of Arts from Washington University, St. Louis, and a Master's in Computer and Information Technology from the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to his responsibilities at Thorne, he extends his expertise as a mentor to startup founders as part of the TechStars accelerator

Who should attend?

  • Laboratory Directors and Administrators
  • Compliance Officers
  • Regulatory Specialists
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Physician Office Managers

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