Maximizing Appeal Success: Latest Trends in Lab & Pathology Claim Denials

Boost your appeal success rate by gaining insights into payer behavior and diagnostic denial trends.

June 5, 2024 at 1:00 pm EST


60-Minute Webinar Sponsored By

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In this webinar, we will share the latest data on clinical, molecular and pathology denial and appeal trends and provide insights on a strategic appeals process designed to help laboratories save time and boost success rates.  We'll also share best practices for quantifying the revenue resulting from improving appeals success.

What You'll Learn

  • How to enhance productivity and optimize the efficiency of your appeals process through automation, improving the speed and likelihood of reimbursement
  • How to respond to top denial reasons by payor group to maximize appeal success
  • How your organization’s appeal success rates compare against industry benchmarks
  • Tricky payor policies to watch out for to minimize denials and improve appeals success
  • Strategies to measure the ROI of your appeals process
Current trends related to denials and appeals

Expert Panel

Diana Richard

AVP, National Accounts, Path/Rad/Hospital Systems


Diana Richard brings over 20 years of diagnostic provider billing experience to her role as Associate Vice President of National Accounts at XiFin, Inc. Specializing in Pathology, Radiology, and Hospital Systems, she serves as a strategic support liaison for XiFin's diagnostic clients. Diana's expertise extends to Anatomic Pathology, where she excels as a subject matter expert. She conducts routine data studies on reimbursement trends, utilizing her analytical skills to provide valuable insights to clients. Beyond analysis, Diana is a proficient communicator, sharing findings through presentations, webinars, blogs, and conference posters. Her dedication to driving innovation and excellence in diagnostic provider billing cements her reputation as a respected leader in the field.

Stephanie Denham

AVP, RCM Systems and Analytics


Stephanie Denham, the Associate Vice President of RCM Systems and Analytics at XiFin, Inc., brings over two decades of expertise in finance and revenue cycle management to her role. As an expert in systems, reporting, and analytics, Stephanie plays a pivotal role in leveraging data for strategic decision-making. She specializes in facilitating cross-customer analyses, focusing on productivity metrics and system functionalities utilization. By identifying opportunities in product development and workflow enhancement, Stephanie drives innovation and efficiency within XiFin's operations. Her dedication to optimizing revenue cycle management processes has earned her a reputation as a trusted leader in the field. With her wealth of experience and analytical prowess, Stephanie continues to make significant contributions to the success of XiFin.

Who should attend?

  • Healthcare leaders responsible for market access, finance, IT, billing, and revenue cycle management
  • Independent and hospital outreach laboratories
  • Diagnostic providers
  • Molecular and Pathology group executives

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