Post-COVID Pivot: How to Expand Your Network for Doctor Referrals, Know What Tests Are in Demand Now, and Actually Get Paid for the Work You Do


60-min webinar 

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Learning objectives

  • Learn how to move beyond cold calling and recruit, hire, and train a sales team for success in 2022—including compliance with anti-kickback and anti-fraud regulations.
  • Know the key considerations for preparing your lab for compliant sales and marketing programs that cross over from COVID to other medically necessary testing options.
  • Understand the biggest roadblocks now facing all labs in regards to expanding testing volume for quality care.
  • Learn the 3 different types of testing for which laboratories can receive consistent reimbursement.
  • Understand Medicare’s billing system terms MAC, MOLDX MAC and Z code.
  • Learn which states are covered by MOLDX and which tests require a Z code.
  • Get updated on the various types of Medicare regional policies related to infectious disease (UTI, RPP, wound, etc.); pharmacogenomic (PGX); and NGS (immunology, cognitive, cardio, etc.).
  • Understand what the basic reimbursement ranges are for these types of testing.
  • Find out why lab billing is different from other fields of medicine.
  • Learn the essential questions to ask any billing company before you partner with them.


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About this webinar

Over the past two years, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many labs came to rely on COVID testing for the bulk of their revenue. In fact, a lot of new labs sprang up to meet the sudden, urgent need. Now that COVID testing is no longer a reliable source of revenue, lab owners are wondering, “What do we do now?” In order to survive, there are three things labs need to do:

  • Get new business. Labs need referrals, so must grow their networks of doctors who send them patients for testing.
  • Offer more services. To stay relevant, labs must learn about and promote their services to deliver in-demand, compliant, and medically necessary testing that makes use of the expensive equipment they have already invested in. Pharmacogenomic (PGx) and infectious disease testing are two exciting options.
  • Get paid. Medical billing is complex and if it isn’t done right, claims get denied and nobody gets paid. COVID created an urgent need for action in a normally slow-moving system, and the government virtually threw money at it. In addition to the legitimate labs that worked day and night, greedy opportunists found ways to grab large sums of that easy cash—but now the audits are rolling out. As a result, labs are likely to fall under even more scrutiny now, so billing processes need to be developed and followed exactly.

To help hospital and lab leaders understand how to pivot to new revenue streams after COVID, this new webinar hosted by Dark Daily will focus on the top business-critical issues. The three presenters are experts in interfacing with medical offices, legal compliance, and medical billing.

Expert Panel

Blake Bourque

Founder and Principal

CORE Academy

Blake Bourque is the founder and principal of CORE Academy, a company he founded in 2020 to develop purpose driven, self-motivated, persuasive lab sales professionals who are not only experts at the sales process, but who know how to form the necessary relationships for labs and are fully compliant with anti-fraud and anti-kickback regulations. Having founded a diagnostic lab and either operated or consulted for 15 additional lab startups, plus devoting years to the study and practice of self-mastery, Blake is uniquely qualified as one of the diagnostic laboratory industry’s premier sales trainers.

Dean M. Viskovich, Esq.

Healthcare and Business Attorney

Laboratory Compliance

Dean served as an attorney for publicly traded and privately owned healthcare entities before entering private practice to represent healthcare providers in litigation against insurance companies. He offers expertise in liability-related matters and compliance-related advisory activities on behalf of healthcare providers, focusing on laboratory and revenue cycle management. Having over 25 years of experience as a trial attorney on behalf of insurance companies and healthcare providers, with emphasis on laboratory compliance and revenue cycle management issues, he has a comprehensive understanding of healthcare legal issues from both sides.

Daniel Collins

Vice President of Sales

Medcare MSO

Daniel Collins is the Vice President of Sales for Medcare MSO. With 90% of the company’s clients being labs, he has spent the last eight years interfacing with leaders in the lab industry, finding out where the biggest billing and revenue issues are. He works closely with Medcare MSO management to ensure that the company's services meet laboratory needs in all aspects of revenue cycle management in addition to billing and claims management.

Who should attend?

  • Clinical laboratory and pathology group executives and directors, including CEOs, COOs, and CFOs
  • Outreach managers, directors, senior directors
  • Clinical lab directors, supervisors, compliance officers
  • Revenue cycle directors and managers
  • Billing compliance specialists, directors, managers, and supervisors
  • Reimbursement specialists
  • Operations directors and managers